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Welcome to Raj Narayan Pandey Degree College

Smt Manju Devi   (Manager)

Berui Prayag Shiksha Samiti is the Umbrella under which the Raj Narayan Pandey PG College has been establised. The literacy percentage in surrounding area comes to be very low. With the motive to extend higher education to the rural people as well as in backward area Berui Prayag Shiksha Samiti was established. Established in 1988-89, the society has its motives of charity and has been actively involved in the local area with various projects over the last many years in several fields.

Since, This is a remote area which lacked the basic facilities of education, Society took the initiative to provide the necessary infrastructure in providing such education that would enable the girls and boys of the vicinity to venture out on the road ahead with quality education under their belts. Education is not just teaching alone but has broader meaning which covers a range of experiences, from formal learning to the building of understanding and knowledge through day to day experiences.  Society , manages teh Raj Narayan Pandey PG College with such an aim for providing education in the field of Education.


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